Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a replacement window? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Replacement windows simply rest in the existing opening after the old window sashes have been removed. The old frame work and trim remains intact by using a slightly smaller replacement window which is secured into the old framework. The advantage is, you may want to preserve your well maintained vintage wood work, which in turn saves you money on the installation. Disadvantages include an inability to update existing insulation because the window frame is not being removed. Also, you often sacrifice visible glass space because replacement windows are ordered slightly smaller than the original window opening.

What is a new construction window? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

New construction windows provide a new maintenance-free window unit, new interior and exterior trim, as well as new expanding foam insulation. The entirety of the existing unit is removed from the wall right down to the studs. The new construction window is leveled/plumbed and nailed into place. New expanding foam insulation is added around the window unit and new interior trim and maintenance-free exterior trim is applied to complete the process. The advantage to this installation method is that new construction windows are the most effective way to improve a window’s insulation value, often referred to as a window’s R-value. Removing the old window frame in its entirety allows our installation crew to reinsulate with new expanding foam insulation and correct any air or water infiltration.

How long do your estimate appointments take?

An on-sight estimate takes 15-45 minutes depending on the specifics of your home project. We would prefer a home owner be on sight during estimates.

How long before I receive a quote?

Please allow us up to 3-5 business days (often faster) to generate a quote. Depending on the details of your home project, we will provide several quotes to satisfy your specific style and budget.

Why can’t I receive a quote over the phone or via the internet?

In the interest of accuracy, without our staff measuring and assessing your home project in person, it is impossible and often misleading to provide an exact price quote. We are timely and low pressure with our estimate appointments and they are FREE! Please don’t hesitate to set up an estimate appointment.

How do I set up an appointment for my FREE estimate?

Call our showroom 716-689-2100 or stop in! Or use our Contact Us Page and we will respond ASAP.

Once I have signed a contract with Window & Door Solutions, LLC, how long will my home project take?

Window & Door Solutions, LLC will place your order the day we receive a 50% deposit on the total cost of your home project. Your windows and doors will arrive within 4-6 weeks and your project will be added to our installation schedule. Once our installation staff is on sight, your home project will be completed as quickly, as accurately and as efficiently as the weather allows.

Are there warranties on windows and doors?

The short answer is YES! Warranties vary depending on manufacturers and product lines. Please click on the appropriate manufacturer below in the footer for their warranty information. For specifics, ask our showroom representatives. Rest assured that Window & Door Solutions, LLC uses PROFESSIONAL TRIM CARPENTERS for all installations and warrants their work. We supply product from the most reputable window and door manufacturers making service, repairs, and parts easily available.

What product line (Pella, JELD-Wen, Marvin, Anderson) would be best for my home?

The one that fits! The product line that most closely resembles the sizes of your existing windows will usually be the least expensive because custom sizes (and custom prices) will not be utilized. We are WINDOW AND DOOR SPECIALISTS that will help you navigate the vast product selection available.

What causes condensation on windows? Is it a sign of a faulty window?

Condensation is actually a sign that windows and doors are doing their job. While it can be frustrating to look through a foggy window, the good news is you can minimize or prevent condensation with a few simple steps. Click here to watch our video to learn why condensation happens and how you can prevent it in your home.

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